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RAUL Martinez

⚛ Holistic Therapist ⚛

Bioenergetic Acupuncturist & Osteopath

Quality therapeutic services since 2009

From a young age, it was always clear to me that I wanted to study a career that would have a positive impact on people's lives. This interest led me to study Chiromassage, Osteopathy, Bioenergetic Acupuncture &  Moxibustion, Shiatsu and Healing (Reiki).

As a Holistic Therapist, my work is focused on the well-being of my clients and I invest whatever effort is necessary to meet their needs.

My clients are my highest priority and they always find in my services the professionalism they need to respond to what they are looking for. Since 2009  I have worked with patients dealing with complex physical and emotional situations. Thanks to gentle manual techniques, I offer physical and emotional well-being, from newborns to elderly people, to pregnant women, to  athlete...

The basis of fitness is harmony between all parts and systems of the body.

Beyond helping others, it is for me a way of being before the  lifetime.

I will be  nice to meet you,  listen to you and be able to accompany you in your recovery process.

Cofenat license number: 5040


Helped  to rebalance the body by focusing on the structure, thereby improving the functioning of the body. They are used for the treatment
gentle and safe techniques, adapted to each person and their needs, always taking into account the age, sex, type and state of health of the same, etc.
I see the person as a whole in which mind, body and spirit interact and relate to each other.

Tratamiento de hombro


They are only manual techniques  with the common goal of helping the person;  pays special attention to the structure of the individual and the mechanical problems that may appear in it.

⚛ Structural Osteopathy

It is a manipulative therapy that acts on the structure of the body (skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue) to relieve pain, improve mobility and effectively restore general well-being.

⚛ Viceral Osteopathy

It deals with functional disorders.  This type of therapy is highly indicated after surgical operations as an additional complementary therapy.

⚛ Cranio-sacral osteopathy

This technique uses a very gentle touch, without risks, which is suitable for both children and adults, and can be used alone or in combination with other therapies. During the session the client feels the light contact of the hands of the therapist trained in listening to the subtle movements of the body.

Masaje de espalda


Chiromassage cares for, prevents, treats and relieves body pain

The chiromassage technique consists of applying the massage to the skin, by means of mechanical pressure from the hands to the organs and tissues of the human body. Due to the proven effects that its application produces in humans, chiromassage is considered an important agent in the regulation of vital energy, because it positively influences fatigue and moods.

On the other hand, it is also very important to highlight the preventive effect that chiromassage presents, since through the palpation that it implies, it allows detecting those areas prone to contracture or to contracting some ailments, such as muscle tension.

Therefore, we could say that chiromassage performs therapeutic functions: it cares for, prevents, treats and helps relieve pain.

Acupuntura de cerca



Your healthiest version,  happy and balanced

Theoretical bases of traditional Chinese acupuncture:
According to traditional Chinese medicine, vital activity is supported by a "breath" or
  energy called Qi in Chinese. Qi travels throughout the body through "channels" which, as they are not visible, are also called "meridians".  The metal needles are inserted into special points on the skin, which correspond to the so-called channels or meridians, through which QI (energy) and XUE (blood) circulate. Ancient theories refer to vessels and nerves. Acupuncture, a fundamental component in Chinese medicine, has a history of more than two thousand years, since then it has been useful for the treatment of various pathologies, especially pain.

Electroacupuncture equipment uses low-frequency square currents, which move in the range of 2 to 100 Hz via acupuncture needles to relieve muscle pain such as cervicalgia or cervico-brachialgia.


It is a therapeutic method of traditional Chinese medicine that consists of applying heat by stimulating a series of points on the body – which usually coincide with acupuncture points – in order to improve disorders and achieve balance in physiological functions. The function of moxa is to tone YANG, neutralize YIN and dissolve phlegm.


It is a natural therapy that consists of the stimulation of specific points in the  ear, this being a branch of acupuncture.
According to auriculotherapy, the human body can be represented in the ear as having the form of a fetus in the womb,
  hence  each point in the ear reflects  a specific organ.
When a point on the ear is stimulated, various nerve endings are stimulated in turn that exert their effect on the organ related to that area, so it is possible to treat problems or relieve symptoms depending on the area
Stimulation of specific points on the ear to relieve pain or treat various physical or psychological problems
  such as: anxiety, migraine, overweight or muscle contractures.

Benefits of these techniques  in the following areas:

Abdominal pain, Constipation, Diarrhea…
Arthritis, back pain, muscle pain, sciatica…
Headaches, Migraines…
Asthma, Bronchitis, sinusitis…
Anxiety, Insomnia, Nervousness, Stress Reduction, Panic Attacks…
Menopausal symptoms, Pre-menstrual symptoms..
and also for weight control and fluid retention.

Treatments performed

Osteopathy / Acupuncture & Moxibustion

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SAN⚛A Holistic Therapies

(Raúl Martínez Osteopathy & Acupuncture Center)

Josep Tarongi Street 10 Bajo

07007 Palma Majorca

Spain-Balearic Islands

Phone: (+34) 670 250 694 /

(+34) 616 631 483


Authorized Representatives:

Raúl Martínez - Registration number Practitioner's Register 3945-12203

Sandrine Grelet  - Registration number Practitioner's Register 3948-12203


⚛ Contact  ⚛

Calle Josep Tarongi 10 bajo, 07007 Palma de Mallorca - Spain

+34 616 631 483 / +34 670 250 694

Thank you for your message!

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